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Information is everywhere, but we delve deeply into wisdom.

Finansinvest provides unique investment advisory services. Our clients may reach up-to-date market information and recommendations tailored to their investment profiles and needs. Retail brokers aim to build an information pipeline with their clients, enabling the effective flow of investment advice. Meanwhile, all direct channels display selective recommendations in line with clients’ risk profiles.

We monitor various asset classes and markets locally and internationally (equities, fixed income, forex and commodities), and provide client-centered & market-focused investment advisory services, taking into account investment profiles, risk-return tolerances, liquidity requirements, time horizons as well as specific investment objectives of our clients.

The following periodical products are issued to cater the needs of different interests:
  • FinansBugün (Finans Today) – Daily market news, trends, strategies and tactics (Cross-asset focus)
  • FinansGüniçi (FinansIntraday) – Intraday news and data alerts, comments and advices
  • FinansStrategy – Weekly investment strategy and asset allocation recommendations
  • FinansTrade – Short-term trading opportunities and tactics (Cross-asset focus)
  • Model Portfolio – Medium-term model equity portfolio
  • FinansTech – Technical analysis and trade calls on global indices, stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, ETFs
  • Finans Danışmanım (FinansAdvisor) – One-to-one investment advisory (e-mails, live chat, telephone)

+90 212 336 70 70 yd@finansinvest.com