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  • Finansinvest pioneered institutional brokerage services in Turkey with dedicated sales and research teams providing an uninterrupted service since 1992.
  • Our global client base includes some of the largest institutional investment managers as well as prominent hedge-funds with emerging markets mandates worldwide, employing diverse investment strategies ranging from value and growth investing to market neutral trades and high-frequency algorithmic trading.
  • Finansinvest believes that professional expertise is key in delivering outstanding service to its clients. Combining an average relevant work experience of 12 years, our dedicated Equity Sales, Cash Trading, and Alternative Execution teams employ a depth of talent unmatched by local standards.
  • Our equity sales professionals provide real-time insights as well as fundamental analysis of BIST-listed stocks to a global client base of institutional asset managers, while constantly monitoring news that may impact investment strategies in the BIST. We believe in adding value by being close to the information whilst maintaining proximity with our client base through regular road shows and one-one-one meetings.
  • The sales and trading desk offers electronic trading platforms for all equity, equity-linked products and derivatives in Turkey, which we work through to provide clients with the fastest and most reliable execution quality. Finansinvest also offers proximity and co-location services tailored to meet client specifications at competitive prices.
  • Our equity derivatives trading desk boasts the first electronic platform in Turkey and is specialized in the electronic execution of basket trades on the BIST, thus providing the fastest possible electronic platform for arbitrage trading with direct market access (DMA) capability.

+90 212 336 71 00 iis@finansinvest.com