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Turkey’s new generation online brokerage and content platform: Finansonline

As the online brokerage arm of Finansinvest, Finansonline’s major focus is to provide secure and rapid electronic trading execution services (Turkish and English) supported with rich content and trading tools.

Finansonline is not only a reliable and easy-to-use trading platform, but is also a rich and dynamic content provider, constantly feeding our clients according their most required daily needs. Regularly-updated content includes:
  • Value-added news on both foreign and domestic markets
  • Research reports (Turkish and English)
  • Online investment advisory services
  • News flow that may have potential effects on BIST companies, with commentary from research analysts and economists
  • Articles collaborated by in-house staff focusing on market developments and various asset classes
  • Daily exclusive articles and occasional live Q&A sessions with independent authors
  • Our clients have electronic trading access to major global equity and futures exchanges (stocks, bonds, commodities), as well as to global forex and commodities markets through our "Finansonline International" and "Finansonline FX" brands, respectively.

Aggressive investment in social media and technology...

Building on its feature-packed content, Finansonline extends its presence in social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, while serving rapidly-evolving customer needs through its mobile applications and the WAP branch.

+90 212 336 72 20 online@finansinvest.com