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Initial Public Offerings & Secondary Public Offerings

Finansinvest offers all intermediary services for IPOs and SPOs with its knowledge and expertise in capital markets. Intermediary services provided include: execution of CMB and BIST processes, company analysis, valuation, organization of marketing and promotional activities, preparation of information memorandum, constitution of consortium and book building. (click for references)

Private Sector Debt Issuance

Finansinvest provides consultancy and intermediary services to private sector companies in issuing different types of private debt securities. The scope of services include the execution of CMB and BIST processes, public offerings and private placement of the private debt securities. (click for references)

Public Tender Calls

In the scope of a tender call, Finansinvest offers intermediary services including the execution of CMB and BIST processes, preparation of the necessary documentations as well as book building and other operational procedures. (click for references)

Capital Increase and Dividend Distribution

Finansinvest provides advisory services for capital increases and dividend distributions.

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